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D&D Masterclass Japan
Grand Audition Paris
Grand Audition


D&D takes pride in its commitment to inspiring the younger generation of dancers by providing them with the opportunity to train with renowned ballet teachers during our summer programs in Japan, Barcelona, Panama and Korea.

These programs offer students a unique chance to further their ballet training and potentially continue their studies in some of the top ballet schools. D&D Masterclass Japan takes place twice a year.


The Paris Opera Ballet School recently hosted its highly anticipated Grand Audition created by D&D Art Productions for the second time, attracting aspiring dancers from around the world. This prestigious event, held at the iconic Paris Opera Ballet School, provided a unique opportunity for young talents to showcase their skills and vie for a coveted spot in one of the most renowned ballet institutions.

The first International Ballet Company Audition "Grand Audition" was held back in 2016 in Brussels. It was founded by David & Daria Makhateli, directors of D&D Art Productions. Grand Audition is the first international audition platform for professional ballet dancers and graduate students of ballet schools.

World Ballet Stars
Meet the Stars Gala
Diana Vishneva Dialogues


D&D Art Productions proudly presented the "World Stars of Ballet" with a remarkable team of nine talented dancers in Manila, Philippines. 


D&D Art Productions proudly orchestrated the enchanting Ballet Gala "Meet the Stars" in Greece, held at the renowned Herodius Atticus venue.

With its impressive seating capacity of over 6,000 people, the event captivated the audience as 16 extraordinary dancers graced the stage, leaving them spellbound by the sheer beauty of the performance.

D&D had the immense pleasure of presenting Diana Vishneva's captivating project "Dialogues" in Athens, Greece. This Russian ballerina has astounded audiences across the globe with her remarkable musicality, flamboyance, and technical brilliance. With her unique style, she infuses modern physicality and energy into her performances, creating an expansive and unforgettable experience for all who witness her artistry.

Ave Maya Gala
La Nuits des Etoiles Gala
Stars Ballet Festival


Maya Plisetskaya, the extraordinary and legendary ballerina, was honored with two unforgettable Gala performances of "AVE MAYA." The audience in Athens was left in awe by Maya's mesmerizing performance. organised by D&D Art Productions.


D&D consistently exceeds expectations in curating exceptional experiences, spanning from Ballet Galas to the meticulous production of captivating dance performances around the world.


D&D Art Productions proudly presented a remarkable marathon of ballet performances featuring world-renowned ballet stars in Moscow and Greece. The program showcased iconic classical ballets such as Sleeping Beauty, Esmeralda, Giselle, Don Quixote, Swan Lake, and Romeo & Juliet. These breathtaking performances were brought to life by the exceptional talents of stars from prestigious ballet companies including the Royal Ballet, Mariinsky Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, Staatsballet Berlin, and Paris Opera.

Nureyev & Friends Gala
Baileys Christmas Nutcracker
De Beers Event


D&D Productions, in collaboration with Charles Jude (artistic director of the Bordeaux Opera Ballet) and former Royal Ballet Principal, David Makhateli, organized a remarkable two-night gala performance titled "Nureyev & Friends." This special event, held under the patronage of The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation, pays tribute to the legendary dancer's life and showcases his journey as a performer, choreographer, and Artistic Director of the Ballet of National Opera de Paris.

Baileys Advertising

Christmas Nutcracker 2013 Video (assisted with dancer's engagement)


D&D orchestrated a stunning display as ballet dancers gracefully showcased the exquisite Jewellery Collection at the De Beers Event in London.

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